ERP Book and Album



Life and Death, Stress and Peace, Love and Loneliness, Serious and Humorous

Purchase YOUR copy of Empty Room Poets self-titled book and Spoken-Word album today!

**Now available for the Amazon Kindle

ERP Book and Album

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Performing at The Green Briar


Hey Folks, 

  At the end of July we took the opportunity to perform a brand new poem at an event to support The One Fund for Boston. Check out a video of the poem below! 


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Opening the Windows

Hi All, 

  We apologize for the lack of updates! We have some very artistic updates for you all. Evin and Tatiana have been very busy working on the film Paperthin which is now in post-production! As for Mark, not only is he a featured extra in the film but he has been busy with his band Tilting at Windmills. 

So you may ask, where does this leave ERP? Well currently we are still selling our Spoken Word Album and our book through Amazon! Click HERE!

We will also be working on touring during our downtime as well as hopefully working on a new book as of 2014! We will keep you up-to-date as more develops!


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Just Can’t Help It

‘O Sir,’ said the niece, ‘pray these to be burnt with the rest; for should my uncle cured of this distemper of chivalry, he may possibly, by reading these books, take it into his head to turn shepherd, and wander through the woods and fields singing and playing on a pipe; and, what would be worse still, turn poet, which they say is an incurable and contagious disease.’ – Don Quixote

And so it is. Even then, in what is described as the first actual novel, the fact that what we deal with is not so much art, not so much dedication to the craft as compulsion. It can’t be helped. It can’t be stopped. It can only be allowed to feed until there is nothing left.

Those times when no impulse to write, to rhyme, to format life into bite-sized nuggets of phrases that explain everything and nothing at the same time is not so much writers “block” as a disease in remission, only to return again at some unknown point with such a vengeance that nothing else, NOTHING else, can be allowed to be in the way. All time stops until the cathartic expurgation is complete.

We have no idea where it comes from, nor do we care where it goes. All we know is that it is. For good or ill, we variously love, loath, miss and grasp for it. Some call it a blessing, some call it a curse – most of us just accept it as part of life, like a limb or the way you need to spread the toothpaste just so. It can no more be stopped than we can hold back the tides.

No one starts out doing this to become famous. No famous writer ever set out to be bigger than the last famous writer. No, everyone does this to exorcise the demon, to feed the contagion, to begin The Great Purge. Whatever is inside you that needs to be set free then let it out before it eats you from the inside like a disease. Whatever type of art is inside you, you need to allow that art to be what it will be and thereby, so you.

What’s inside you that needs to be set free?

‘Art for Art’s sake, money for God’s sake’ – 10CC

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ERP in the News!





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Opening the Door!


We are proud to announce that we officially released our book and album at The Open Theatre Project’s “Acting Out Against Violence” event in Brighton, MA last night (at The Green Briar). We are very excited to offer it to everyone now online through!

You can click HERE to purchase the book.

You can click HERE to purchase the CD.


We would also like to thank everyone who made it out to last night’s event as well as who performed with us. It was amazing to see such a great community be brought together for one common and important cause.

Special thanks to: 

The Open Theatre Project

Dustin D. Bell

Eleanor Walker-Jenkins and Caitlin Jenkins


Matt Koelsch

Selectah Niko 

Debbie Finkelstein

Steve Treggiari

Matt Chaves 

and so many other great performers!


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Updates for June

ImageWe are proud to announce that after over a year of work on this project we are 2 weeks away from releasing the book and spoken word album! This has been all self-produced/published and we are proud of how it has come out. We hope you enjoy the book and CD as much as we enjoyed creating it! 

We will be performing and releasing the book/CD officially at The Open Theatre’s “Acting Out Against Violence” night at The Green Briar in Brighton, MA.

Finally, we will be releasing the last two interviews from Photassium / Waverley Knobs in the next two weeks. Until then, enjoy the past two interviews we have had!

Mark Jenkins

Tatiana Ivan 

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ERP and OTP – Acting Out Against Violence Campaign


ERP Artistic Approach


Hi All, 

   ERP will be working with OTP (Open Theatre Project) and perform a BRAND NEW poem for the Acting Out Against Violence one-night event at The Green Briar in Brighton, MA on June 23rd. It is currently entitled, “Breaking the Cycle”. We will also be releasing our project on that day and selling the book/CD package at the event! 

For more information on the event, please visit: 


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Light at the end of the hallway…

The past several months have been a lot of work but incredibly enjoyable as well as worth the effort!

Here are the updates:

  • Our fundraising campaign raised $300 to support our publishing process! 
  • We have finished the book and it is ready to print.
  • The layout for the spoken word and original music album is being finalized.
  • We will be debuting some of our poetry from this project at the Open Theatre Project’s “Acting Out Against Violence” Campaign (click here).

Thank you to everyone for their support,

Evin, Mark, and Tatiana (Empty Room Poets)

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Thank You To Our Donors!


Thank you to the following individuals/companies/artists who have donated to our campaign:

Bev and Sam Feldman, Linkouture, Sonya Richards, Beverly Lawrence, Caitlin Jenkins, Kassi Stein, Ted Stewart, Max Rezendes, Andrew Harrington, Dave Dillilo, the entire cast of “An Ideal Husband” from The Cannon Theatre, Kassi Stein and an anonymous donor – we appreciate your support for the arts and your belief in our passions!

– Evin, Mark and Tatiana

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