Mic check!

Ok, so one of the things we need to talk about is mood, setting it specifically. That’s what I do, it’s my thing, my bag, my…raison d’être if you will. I’ve been asked to give a bit of insight into the process that goes into making the music for these poems and how they came about. Well, it really is rather simple. You take some sounds, put ’em in this here gal-darned computer thingamabob and voilà! magic.

Alright, so maybe there’s a BIT more to it than that.

What I’ve tried to do is not use the music to enhance the poetry, but, rather to let the poetry take the music where IT wants it to go and not the other way round. The music that I’ve made is inspired by a word, a phrase, a slight colouring that is inside the work. By using the poetry as the palette I hope that I’ve been successful in complementing the artists’ words, allowing them the space to be the focal point and the piece to become something larger than mere background noise or elevator music.

Each piece is unique unto itself and inspired by the poem. Each piece was built with the words, the phrasing, the breathing and your amygdala in mind. Maybe it sets a mood, maybe it enhances the feel, maybe it just gets in the way. In any case, so far the ones we’ve finished have been great fun to see take shape.

More soon, I promise. Gotta get back to the salt mine, these artists types are tough!

p.s. If you want to hear some of the other things I’ve done in a similar vein then just follow the link on my bio page (I’m the good-looking guy with the quasi-intelligent professor type look on his face).

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