About the Empty Room Poets

Three artists, all currently living in Massachusetts, who are involved in several various artistic fields. The three originally met as part of a theatre production in 2011 and have grown good friends since then. As the months progressed, they all realized another common passion of theirs happened to be poetry.

They decided to start a group and create a multi media-dimensional project that would encompass as many of their artistic interests as possible: poetry, music, graphic design, and performing. The project eventually took shape as a poetry book with an attached CD album. Both the book and the CD will be designed and produced completely by the Empty Room Poets group.

Check back often for updates, or subscribe to our posts.

If you would like to be involved in some capacity or wish to help with publishing and/or distribution, please contact anderson.evin at gmail.com – thanks!

Release date for the Empty Room Poets book + CD: OUT NOW!

Click HERE to purchase the book.

Click HERE to purchase the CD.


One Response to About the Empty Room Poets

  1. Eleanor Walker-Jenkins says:

    I am excite for the release! I have read various selections from all three poets. Each is very different from the others and all are exquisite writers!

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