Our Next Door Neighbors

Lauren Behning of Sharkbite

Lauren Behning of Sharkbite

Sharkbite Studio- I’m a native Masshole who rests easiest by the ocean. A big dreamer, my art is my way to escape into a world that may fascinate some and leave others unsettled. I enjoy making art focused on individuals. Experiences in life hit every person differently, everyone has a different side of the story. My characters, my subjects, my interpretations are celebrating and validating towards the human experience. Art that strikes me are works that I want to be in, be apart of, and I can only hope I create pieces that are just as relatable. I wish someday to make something as controversial as a can of soup.

Sharkbite Studio Tumbler or Sharkbite Studio Facebook Page

The Open Theatre Project

The Open Theatre Project

The Open Theatre Project is dedicated to the artistic & public community of Brookline, Brighton, Boston & Beyond. We serve the wants, needs & passions of our members in order to cultivate a closer and more educated theatrical community of artists and audience alike. Through on-going Programs & Productions, Consistent Member & Audience Opportunities, and Constant Outreach to the world outside OTP, we hope to further define Art. For the Purpose of Community.

The Open Theatre  or OTP Facebook Page

Gina Manning Photography Logo

Gina Manning Photography

Photographer from Brighton, MA. Has been featured in several magazines including the Boston Phoenix and is a featured RAW:Boston artist.

Gina Manning Photography  or  Gina Manning Photography Facebook Page 

Kato Photo

Kato Photography

Born in Manila, Philippines, Kato spent most of her adolescence abroad discovering visual landscapes, culinary creations, while creating her own adventures. In her free time, you will find her deeply immersed in photography, food, spinning, and tweaking graphic-web design. She finds inspiration in the world around her, through friends, strangers, travels, and experiences. You can find some of her works placed throughout the interwebs  via Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

Kato Photography



Eleanor Walker-Jenkins

Eleanor Walker-Jenkins: Voice-over Talent

Eleanor is an animated, fun loving person and that shows through in her voice work. Whether straight script for the business world or cartoon characters for the waterpark her voice is expressive and inviting. Her soft, lyrical and intelligent mid-range voice is perfectly suited to audiobooks, particularly childrens books. Because she has no inherent regional dialect she is able to sound as if she comes from everywhere or nowhere. Additionally, her natural vocal tone makes it possible for her to mimic any age ranges from young child to grandmother.

Eleanor Walker-Jenkins: Voice-over Talent




Linkouture: elegant chainmail jewelry for the modern woman

Linkouture,  elegant chainmail jewelry for the modern woman.  All items are made and ready to ship. Many necklaces are one-of-a-kind. Also happy to work with you to do custom orders!



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