ERP Goes Indiegogo! (Our Campaign)

We have officially started up our own campaign to raise money for our project! All funds would go toward publishing, marketing, and the live performances. We are currently looking to raise $4,500.00 in 45 days! Check out the website below and share with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and whoever else you can tolerate.

Time to GO GO to Empty Room Poets Campaign

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ERP Interview – Tatiana Ivan

Photassium presents an interview with Empty Room Poet – Tatiana Ivan on poetry and the brand new ERP Project coming out in May 2013!

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ERP Interview – Mark Jenkins

Photassium Presents an Interview with one of the Empty Room Poets – Mark Jenkins on poetry and the brand new ERP Project coming out in May 2013!

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Sam and I



  When creating anything, we utilize our foundation. This foundation consists of experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and other facets (aka all of our personal baggage). When I’m writing poetry, the aforementioned statement rings true. I have written an article that touches base on my foundation in order to educate and assist those out there going through trauma, anxiety, and depression. Click here to visit blog!


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Good Acoustics and Good Vibrations

    All of the vocal recordings have been completed for the album portion of the project. They are currently being mixed and finalized. This is all very exciting and we are looking forward to the finals! We are all very positive about this project as it truly means something to each one of us. Hopefully this comes off in the final package! 

    We are also planning on scheduling a few live readings of the book! We will have food, music, and poetry (three things you can’t go wrong with). We will be announcing the dates and information within the next month. 

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Hi All,

A friend wrote this and posted it up. It is a wonderful write up on the concept of “Patience” so I thought to share it. Poetry is in everything – it is the expression of thought and this is a wonderful example.


*Warning – some adult language*

“I am thankful for Patience. I never had any until recently. I was the little shit who was riding up your ass on the highway flipping you off because you wouldn’t get out of my way (with a cigarette in one hand and a beer on my lap!). I used to flare like a lit match at the smallest things. Now, in fairness to me, I am biologically a Farren!! My father had a big problem with impatience. I lived my life feeling late and frustrated. I really believe impatience is a surface feeling brought on by much deeper problems, once I looked into those (and still am, every day lol) I started to slow down. I could breathe. I became aware of the small things in life, trees, squirrels, the way a snow flake looks when it is gently winding its way to the ground. I started to find pleasure in the “process” of doing things rather than wish them quickly away. I stop and fold the clothes in the laundry room, slowly and neatly. I wash the dishes completely and rinse them. I walk with my mind in the present. Patience has taught me to slow the Fuck down and pay attention to what is happening now. My heart beats slower, I sweat less, I look forward to the next step yet I still like the now. Patience has taught me to take like one day at a time, live in the now, love the sound of my heartbeat, the feel of the wind in my hair, the touch of my dog’s fur. Patience has taught me that life is more than a movie and a meal, life has levels. You can stay on the surface, thats your choice, but, you also have the choice to dig deeper, to breathe fuller and to smile wider. Yes, I am very thankful for patience.”

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Fast Food Arts and Sustainability

Hey All,

I wrote a blog that was posted on The Open Theatre Project’s website concerning “Fast Food Arts” and what is needed for sustainability. Please feel free to view it at:

Fast Food Arts and Sustainability by Evin C. Anderson



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Mic check!

Ok, so one of the things we need to talk about is mood, setting it specifically. That’s what I do, it’s my thing, my bag, my…raison d’être if you will. I’ve been asked to give a bit of insight into the process that goes into making the music for these poems and how they came about. Well, it really is rather simple. You take some sounds, put ’em in this here gal-darned computer thingamabob and voilà! magic.

Alright, so maybe there’s a BIT more to it than that.

What I’ve tried to do is not use the music to enhance the poetry, but, rather to let the poetry take the music where IT wants it to go and not the other way round. The music that I’ve made is inspired by a word, a phrase, a slight colouring that is inside the work. By using the poetry as the palette I hope that I’ve been successful in complementing the artists’ words, allowing them the space to be the focal point and the piece to become something larger than mere background noise or elevator music.

Each piece is unique unto itself and inspired by the poem. Each piece was built with the words, the phrasing, the breathing and your amygdala in mind. Maybe it sets a mood, maybe it enhances the feel, maybe it just gets in the way. In any case, so far the ones we’ve finished have been great fun to see take shape.

More soon, I promise. Gotta get back to the salt mine, these artists types are tough!

p.s. If you want to hear some of the other things I’ve done in a similar vein then just follow the link on my bio page (I’m the good-looking guy with the quasi-intelligent professor type look on his face).

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Working On the Lighting

Empty Room Poets is starting to progress wonderfully!

The book is currently being formatted. More than 10 instrumentals have been created for the album that will come with the book, and 4 vocal tracks have already been finalized.

We are still going through the self-publishing route, but if you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning more about the project for publishing, please contact: anderson.evin at

Thank you!

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Opening the Door …


  • The poetry has been collected and the book is currently in the formatting process!
  • The associated CD album is currently being planned out and recordings will start around September.
  • We are working on pulling in a Photographer / Photo Artist for the cover work.

To learn more about the group and concept, please visit our “About” page.

More to come!

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