Tagging the Walls: Biographies


T A T I A N A   I V A N

Empty Room Poet

Tatiana wrote her first poem in the 9th grade and she hasn’t stopped yet! Her work has been featured on Unlikely Stories.org and a selection of her newer work can be found on her personal site. Following the success of her first book, Faded Sketch (authored as Tatiana Rutledge), Tatiana jumped at the opportunity to join two incredibly talented artists and create Empty Room Poets, which is a rather unique collaboration of their work and skill sets.

When she isn’t writing, Tatiana can be found directing or acting in community theatre, shooting and editing videos or spending quality time at home with her boyfriend and two cats, lovingly nicknamed Grumps and Scaredy-Boo.

More information at: http://www.tatianaivan.com


E V I N   A N D E R S O N


Evin is an actor, director, and writer originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan. His passion for poetry actually started with writing Hip Hop songs. After being told that he had a “very poetic style” within his songwriting, he decided to study the different facets of poetry. After some time of switching between Hip Hop and poetry, Evin finally found the perfect middle ground within the realm of Spoken Word Poetry.

When he isn’t writing, Evin is involved with theatre and film within the Greater Boston area. A collection of his plays, Inside Out, have been published by JAC Publishing and Promotions, and one of his New Works play was performed at the 2012 EMACT Festival.

More information at: http://evinanderson.weebly.com


M A R K   J E N K I N S

Empty Room Poet

One of Mark’s favorite aunts was the precipitating factor that inspired a tremendous outpouring of poems back in the early 80s, as a sort of cathartic therapy. She taught him that one is not always free to express oneself with everyone in the way one would always like or need to; putting it on paper and releasing the demons inside help ease the pain that can come from living in this life.

Since then, Mark has continued to write about many different facets of his life. These multi-layered facets also come out in his music, music that he has been creating for a decade now, as a backdrop to the world at large. Mark notes, “The world needs a soundtrack.” He currently resides on the North Shore of Massachusetts with his wife, several children, several cats and Charlie the Wonder Dog.

Hear his music at: http://soundcloud.com/umbrage-1



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